Not Just For Moms: Little Girls Get Waxed Too

Hot mamas aren't the only ones getting waxes; now their kiddies are, too. That's right, the newest trend in pre-tween preening is a wax job, with girls as young as 6 years old removing whatever hair they have - or don't have - from their legs and armpits.

"You feel grown up and fashionable; it's like getting your first haircut or nails done," says 14-year-old Glynis Coyne, who will start ninth grade at Manhattan's Marymount School next month. Coyne started waxing her legs when she was 8.

The reason she started so young, says Glynis' mom, Monica Longworth, was she noticed her second-grade daughter was becoming "a hairy little girl" and that her blond hair on her legs was becoming a "bit too thick." So Longworth made her a leg-waxing appointment at Wanda's European Skin Care on the Upper West Side, where she goes for her own treatments.

Glynis says she was nervous the first time she got waxed, but that "it wasn't exceedingly painful . . . sort of like having a Band-Aid pulled off."

According to Wanda Stawczyk, who runs Wanda's European Skin Care, the number of young clients coming to her salon has skyrocketed - from just two in 1998, to more than 200 customers last year.