Buy Evidence of My Husband's Adultery on eBay

A scorned Australian woman is literally airing her husband's dirty laundry on a global scale by auctioning his mistress's knickers on eBay.

In a spiteful listing on eBay Australia, the jilted woman is auctioning off a pair of lacy black underpants "size humongous" and an empty condom wrapper "size small" found in her bed after her husband allegedly engaged in an extramarital affair with a woman named Kylie.

The seller, 'Anna,' says: "They are so huge I thought they may make someone a nice shawl or, even better, something for Halloween perhaps."

The eBay listing, entitled "Empty condom packet & a photo of The Tart's knickers", also comes with a detailed account of the events leading up to her discovery, in which the woman returned from work to find her husband of 22 years watching a DVD and discouraging her from entering their bedroom.

In the room she found the empty condom wrapper under his pillow and "the Tart's knickers... at the foot of the bed".

Anna also promises that this listing will not be the last in the matter, stating that her husband's Harley Hog is "the next item that will probably be sold on eBay at a start price of 99c and, of course, with no reserve!" Several bidders have already expressed interest in the motorcycle.

The embarrassing eBay listing, which does not name the husband, almost did not make the site though, as it was first taken down due to eBay's policy against selling secondhand underwear, spokeswoman Inessa Jackson said.

"We let her know about the policy and instead she's now selling a photograph of the offending knickers," she said.

"eBay does connect colourful buyers with colourful sellers and I wouldn't be surprised if someone did buy these items, though I couldn't speculate on who would buy them or why.

"This is obviously very therapeutic for this woman and it must be a great channel for her views on cheating and the sanctity of marriage."

The listing, which has a starting price of just 69 cents, has no bids but has attracted a few comments of support.

More than 2500 have viewed the auction, however, and with five days to go the listing has also been added to eBay Australia's Best of eBay site.

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