Drug Dealer Convicted of Killing 3 Says He's Sorry He Ran Out of Bullets

A young drug dealer who wanted to become a major underworld figure was sentenced to a minimum of 42 years Monday for killing three men with a machine gun and then stabbing two women when he ran out of ammunition.

Miran Thakrar, 24, shot the men, including a father and son, in their living room because he was upset with the quality of drugs in a previous deal. He had turned up at Keith Cowell’s home in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, with his brother Kevan, armed with a Mac 10 semi-automatic.

He first shot the family’s pet, a Staffordshire puppy, before shooting Cowell, Cowell’s son, Matthew, 17, and Tony Dulieu. After he ran out of bullets he stabbed Matthew’s girlfriend Clare Evans, 23, eight times as she tried to protect her three-year-old daughter.

Christine Jennings, 54, whose son Ian had brought drugs worth $57,000 to Cowell’s home, was shot in the toe and was then stabbed.

Miran Thakrar denied the killings, which took place last August. Sentencing him to life at St. Albans Crown Court, Justice Cooke said: “In the case of the three men, you shot them with a sub-machinegun as some form of execution because of a prior drug deal where you were dissatisfied. None of the three were armed. You lured them to the Cowells’ residence to kill those responsible . . . and to compensate yourself by taking a further kilo of cocaine. You failed to kill Ian Jennings, who escaped into the back garden.”

Detective Chief Inspector Michael Hanlon said: “The brutality was off the scale in terms of anything I have dealt with before.” Another involved in the investigation said that Miran, also known as Mike, regretted the bullet he had wasted on the dog: “If they had not run out of ammunition, Christine would not be alive today.”

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