Ga-Ga Google Employee Proposes in Street View Filming

Google employee Michael Weiss-Malik had been dating his girlfriend, Leslie Moreno, for "some years" when he decided to ask her to marry him in April.

But this "Proposal 1.0" as he called it, was "quiet and low-key," he said on his Web site, and "lacking in pizzazz." So he made a large sign that read "Proposal 2.0: Marry me Leslie!" and held it up as the Google Street View car rolled past his Silicon Valley office.

Like other employees, he was encouraged to do a funny pose for the car-mounted cameras as an "Easter Egg" — an extra treat hidden within Street View. Some employees rode bikes behind the car, others staged mock fights, and one even dressed up as the yellow Street View placemarker.

Weiss-Malik didn't tell Moreno about the stunt; instead he set up a Web site,, to explain his upgraded proposal and encourage visitors to tell Leslie about it.

"When she woke me up, she asked why there were all these strangers e-mailing her telling her to marry me," Weiss-Malik told The Mercury News. The couple plan to get married in May.

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