Cloned-Dog Owner Denies She Is Alleged Rapist, Kidnapper of Mormon Missionary

The woman who had her pet dog cloned by South Korean scientists flatly denied early Thursday that she was a bail jumper accused of sexually assaulting and kidnapping a male Mormon missionary more than 30 years ago in Surrey, England.

Rumors have been circulating about the true identity of Bernann McKinney, who this week appeared in Seoul with her five cloned pit bull puppies. She and her dogs have been featured in publications around the world since the ground-breaking procedure.

McKinney, who says that she lives in Hollywood, Calif., denied that she was actually Joyce McKinney, who was charged at Epsom Magistrates’ Court in 1977 with false imprisonment. Pictures of Joyce McKinney surfaced, bearing a strong resemblance to Bernann McKinney.

The story of Joyce McKinney is nothing if it is not larger than life. She was accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting the 238-pound Kirk Anderson, a Mormon missionary, who had become the object of her passionate affections.

After a brief affair in the United States, Joyce McKinney, then 28, seems to have tracked Anderson, then 19, to Ewell in Surrey, where he had been posted for two years as a door-to-door Mormon missionary.

With the help of a friend she is alleged to have kidnapped him and chained him to a bed in a remote cottage. After apparently failing to persuade him to marry her and father her children she then seems to have forced him to have sex with her. He finally escaped and she was arrested.

After three months in Holloway Prison she was released on bail because of failing mental health. She then fled the country using a false passport and was never extradited to stand trial.

Thursday morning from Seoul, Bernann McKinney flatly denied that she was the mysterious Joyce McKinney, calling it "garbage" and "rot."

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