New York Gym's New Personal Trainer Is Nintendo Wii

No game, no gain.

A Manhattan gym is charging customers $110 an hour for a personal training session — with a Nintendo Wii.

Super Mario's rotund physique may not be what most gym members are shooting for, but personal trainer Dorothy Evans says the video-game system not only gets the heart pumping but might even help her clients lose a few pixels in the process.

"You'd be surprised. It may have little to do with the real sports, but we get people's heart rates up to 140 to 150 beats per minute — although some of that may just be the excitement of the game," said Evans, who gives Wii workouts on a 20-foot screen in what otherwise is used as a racquetball court at Gravity Fitness at Le Parker Meridien hotel.

It may sound crazy, but between treadmills and elliptical trainers, gym members already are accustomed to working out with machines while staring at TV screens, said Mark Natale, Gravity's executive director.

"We think of this as just another tool at the gym," he said.

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