Channeling 'Home Alone:' Family Leaves Daughter, 4, at Tel Aviv Airport

A four-year-old Israeli girl was left behind at the airport yesterday as her mother, father and four siblings rushed to catch a flight to Paris.

The ultra-Orthodox family of seven, who between them had 18 suitcases, were in a hurry not to miss their flight from Ben Gurion international airport at Tel Aviv, and in their haste failed to notice that only six of them had actually boarded the plane.

“I saw a little girl in tears. She was looking for her parents,” a policewoman told reporters.

“Luckily she was able to give me her name. I grabbed her and ran to the gates but it was too late (because the plane had just taken off)."

As the aircraft gained height, the girl’s parents suffered the crushing embarrassment of being paged by the pilot of the plane to inform them that their family was short one member. They had apparently still not realized.

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