Suspects Allegedly Kill Landlord by Forcing Walking Stick Into His Throat

A murder trial began in Norfolk, England, Wednesday for three suspects accused of killing an elderly man by shoving a cane down his throat, according to The Sun.

The body of Alan Bowles, 64, was found days after he was choked to death. The cane was jammed eight inches down the father-of-two’s throat, and into his body cavity. Bowles also had five broken ribs, according to The Sun.

Bowles’ lodger, David Comer, 39, and two friends, Paul Slack, 46, and Kathleen Johnson, 57, are accused of the brutal attack.

Friends of the victim described him as a “bubbly character” who was an easy prey for “drunks and junkies,” The Sun reported.

“He was subjected to violence which some of you may find almost unimaginable – the forcing of his walking stick into his mouth, down his throat and into his body cavity,” prosecutor Richard Potts told the jury.

Detectives never found the stick and believe it was tossed into a river.

Bowles complained to his family about his fellow resident before his death, saying, "You don't know what they do when you're not there," according to The Sun.

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