Same Sex Couple Gives Birth to Sibling Twin Sets on Same Day

A same-sex couple gave birth to two sets of sibling twins within 24 hours of each other.

Karen Wesolowski and Martha Padgett spent three years and more than $69,000 undergoing IVF treatment and could not believe it when they found out they were each carrying twins.

The four children born are actually quadruplets, created from Padgett's eggs and donor sperm.

"My biological clock was ticking," said Wesolowski, who has been with Padgett for nine years.

"We had been trying on and off for three years and we were exhausted," she continued. "We had tried using my eggs and a sperm donor and we had tried using Martha's eggs in me. We had literally tried everything and had spent tens of thousands ... on treatment. So when Martha said to me that we should both have her eggs implanted, I thought — why not?"

Padgett had her babies first, Sophia and Alex, and 22 hours later her Wesolowski had the twins' siblings Andrew and Sienna.

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