Married Life May Be Happier and Healthier

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Do you know men who are living the single life, creating the perfect bachelor pad, dating, and enjoying their free time? Although single men may publicize the perks of being unattached and carefree, it turns out that married life may benefit men more physically, mentally and spiritually.

Don't let men give you the excuse that single life is the key to their health. Ladies, it may actually surprise you to know that recent studies demonstrate that married men actually lead healthier and happier lifestyles than bachelors.

In fact, a survey of 127,545 people, conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics, found that "married people reported better overall health, less low back pain, fewer headaches and less stress than singles. They also were less likely to drink and smoke, and were more physically active."

So naturally, we ask why? I'm sure several of you have heard the quote, "Behind every successful man, there is a woman." Does this hold any truth? There are several theories why married men tend to be healthier. For one, marriage gives men advantages in terms of money, encouragement to lead a healthy lifestyle and social and psychological support. However, the one area that this didn't hold true — weight. While 65 percent of all men are fighting the battle of the bulge, about 71 percent of husbands fit this category. (FYI: For women, the rates of overweight and obesity were virtually the same!)

Other perks for married men — studies have shown that lower blood pressure in men has been linked to support from a spouse and married men tend to get promoted at work more often. Could commitment cure all for men? But what about for women?

Ladies, we shouldn't feel left out. Marriage looks like it benefits us too, but unlike men, it must be a happy relationship. Women who report happy marriages show many of the same health benefits as men. They are typically thinner and have lower cholesterol levels. But women who were less happy than others suffered the negative effects.

And one more promising statistic: the divorce rate is at an all time low since the 70's. Most states are "no fault," meaning you can separate from your spouse without cause. This highlights my point, that even when there is an easy "out" to the marriage, the benefits of being in a relationship outweigh the blithe life of bachelorhood.

That certainly doesn't mean if you're single, you should be concerned. If you are single and like to mingle, the study stressed that single women with strong social networks and bustling careers also score high marks with happiness as they are fulfilling their own personal needs.

Bottom Line: If you think about it, the study results are quite obvious. If you are in a bad relationship and are constantly worried it will literally make you sick, we can't trick our bodies. If you're unattached, surround yourself with supportive friends and continue to pamper yourself. It's so important for you (whether married or single) to fight for your own happiness. The benefits are clearly overwhelming.


Happy Marriage, Happy Heart

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