Report: Man Survived on Bugs and Termites Before Aborigine Rescued Him From Wilderness

A gold prospector survived four days in the Australian wilderness by eating bugs and termites, the Herald Sun of Australia reported.

Theo Rosmulder, 52, was searching for gold in the outback Friday when he disappeared. Left to fend without food, shelter, water or matches, Rosmulder reportedly used his knowledge of insects to decide which bugs would be edible.

"He's a pest controller, so he would know what he is doing," his wife Pauline said.

Despite official search efforts with planes, motorbikes and four-wheel-drives, Rosmulder was located by an Aborigine from the Mulga Queen Community.

It was not known whether the Aborigine was tracking him or found him by accident.

After three days missing, Rosmulder reportedly decided to sit and wait on a rock for three days after he realized that he was lost.

"He had seen a number of search planes on a number of occasions and waved at them with his shirt and jeans, but they didn't see him," Sgt. Graham Clifford said.

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