Police: Shia LaBeouf Not at Fault for Accident

"Transformers" actor Shia LaBeouf was not at fault for a Sunday morning accident in which he was booked for a misdemeanor DUI, authorities said on Tuesday.

Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore says detectives have determined that the other driver apparently ran a red light, and will be also be cited.

"He was not at fault," Whitmore said.

Meanwhile, a person close to the "Transformers" sequel says actress Isabel Lucas was the passenger in LaBeouf's wreck in Los Angeles early Saturday.

The 23-year-old Australian plays a supporting role in the movie. The person close to the movie's production asked not to be named because he was not authorized to release the information.

LaBeouf's pickup truck collided with another vehicle at 3 a.m. Sunday in West Hollywood. LaBeouf, 22, was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving, booked for a misdemeanor DUI and underwent surgery on his left hand.

"It was immediately apparent to officers responding on the scene that LaBeouf was intoxicated and he was subsequently placed under arrest," Los Angeles County Sheriff's Sgt. Scott Wolf said.

Lucas and the driver of the other vehicle were not seriously injured.

LaBeouf realized his relationship with alcohol was troubled before his DUI charge, telling Details magazine in a May interview that he doesn't "know how to do it [drink alcohol] like a gentleman. I don't know how to have one drink."

The "Indiana Jones" actor told the magazine for its September issue that he and his father "would drink together and smoke together, and it's just a bad deal.

"It's not something that is conducive to being a role model — no iconic actors that I know of have problems like that."

The actor, who earned praise for his roles in "Transformers" and "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," has had previous brushes with the law, but until now they'd been relatively harmless.

A drunken confrontation with guards at a Walgreens in Chicago late last year led to misdemeanor criminal trespassing charges. Arresting police in that incident noted that LaBeouf was "very courteous and polite," and the charge was dropped because the drug store didn't want to pursue the matter.

LaBeouf told Details that the incident "was two hotheads, one completely in the wrong, one who wasn't enjoying his job that night, going at it about miniscule bulls—-."

LaBeouf was separately cited in February for smoking where he shouldn't in Burbank, but a judge later dismissed the charge.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.