Police in Chicago are looking for three people after acid was thrown into a woman's face during an early Monday morning attack.

Esperanza Medina, 48, is in serious condition with burns over a quarter of her body after police said she was attacked on her way to work by two women with a caustic substance at around 6:45 a.m. on Monday, the Chicago Tribune reports.

"She has no hair," her daughter Shirley Medina told MyFOXChicago.com. "Her whole face is burned."

The woman's boyfriend told MyFOXChicago.com that the substance melted Esperanza Medina's clothing.

The victim had recently received threats and had her tires slashed, MyFOXChicago.com reports. She had recently moved to Chicago from Wyoming, Mich., the Tribune said.

Surveillance video showed the two women believed to have thrown the caustic substance, and a third suspect, a man, was seen running at the scene with a baseball bat, MyFOXChicago.com reports. He was recognized as a man who stole Esperanza Medina's purse several weeks ago.

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