Book: Booze, Caffeine Act as Liquid Contraceptives

Drastic changes in diet boost a woman's chances of giving birth into her 40s and 50s, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Cutting out alcohol and sugar and eating more organic foods allow women to hit the "snooze button" on their biological clocks, maximizing their chances of having a baby, a new book on fertility claims.

Sarah Dobbyn, a nutritionist and author of “The Fertility Diet,” said the influence of diet on fertility was often overlooked in an age in which IVF often seemed the only answer to pregnancy problems.

"Huge amounts of money are being spent on assisted conception techniques by hopeful couples who do not know that alcohol and caffeine are liquid contraceptives, sweeteners can prevent ovulation and seemingly innocent foods such as peas, rhubarb and soy all inhibit fertility."

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