Crumbling Walls in Italian Town Repaired With Legos

Crumbling walls in Italian town Bocchignano are being repaired — with Lego Bricks.

Sporting the denim overalls and checked shirt for this village was German artist Jan Vormann, whose approach centered on finding walls with missing bricks and replacing them with the colorful children’s building material.

The wacky artist was surprised to find how perfect the bricks fit the bill.

“At first I thought it would be a complicated procedure to fit the pieces,” Vormann said. "But as it turned out, the bigger plastic pieces were compatible with the smaller ones, and the Lego held itself in place without any glue whatsoever."

However, the 25-year-old did admit that the colorful construction could not last forever.

"I tried to apply some glue, but, on the dusty patina of the stone, it would not stick,” Vormann said. “So I decided to just put them up like this, aware of the fact of erosion and the influence of weather.”

"I like the aspect of temporariness that comes into play."

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