Colombian Stadium Collapse During Bullfight Injures 80

At least 80 people were injured during a bullfight in Colombia when stands in an overcrowded stadium collapsed underneath the crowd.

Some 500 spectators screamed in panic and scrambled for safety as, following the collapse, the bull charged towards crowds at the stadium in Planadas, in the south of the country.

Two men dressed as clowns tried to distract the bull and tempt it away from the mass of people before others joined them in trying to pin it down.

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The dramatic events at the annual fiesta were caught live on television and an investigation into how it happened has been launched.

Edna Patricia Guzman, one of the injured spectators, said the venue was packed and over capacity.

"The bullfighting ring was full and the organisers kept letting more people come, so it was a very strong fall," she said.

Another spectator said: "Everybody was jumping and the stands were too weak - I mean they were moving a lot, no-one paid any attention to the stands."

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