Obama's Overseas Trip a Politial Stunt? Supporter Sen. Claire McCaskill Reacts

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ALEXIS GLICK, GUEST HOST: Let`s turn the tables. Let`s look at the fair and balanced here, the Democratic side.

With us now is Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, who has a different point of view about this.

Senator, thanks so much for joining us.

You — I assume you disagree with that philosophy.

SEN. CLAIRE McCASKILL (D), MISSOURI/OBAMA SUPPORTER: Well, if we are going to — you know, some of this is political games. I think we need to separate, broadly, that we have two candidates for president who have a different view.

Just because John McCain hasn`t been at our Armed Services hearings, I`m not going to say he doesn`t care about our military. That would be silly Washington games. And, frankly, John McCain has been in Washington a long time. He`s used to those games, and maybe he thinks they're OK.

I will tell you what Barack Obama`s mind-set is, and that is that we need to focus on our military being nimble, flexible, and available to address the threat. And the threat now is in Afghanistan. And, by the way, even the Iraqi government — we know the Iraqi people wanted us out of Iraq — now the Iraqi government is saying they want us out of Iraq.

So, you have got a candidate that thinks we need to stay, regardless of the facts on the ground, and a candidate who wants to get out of there, so we can really protect our country in a way that makes sense.

GLICK: All right, Senator, I would like to, for a moment here, just play something that John McCain said today, urging Barack Obama to admit he was wrong about the surge, and get your thoughts on the other end.

Just take a listen to this.


SEN. JOHN MCCAIN (R-AZ), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: I know that he will be able to have the opportunity to see the success of the surge. It has succeeded. This is the same strategy that he voted against, railed against, campaigned for his nomination, and obtained his nomination in opposition. He was wrong about the surge.


GLICK: So, what do you make of that? So, should he admit it, now that he's on the ground? Or do you think the fact-finding mission reiterates his feelings already that we need to increase the surge in Afghanistan?

MCCASKILL: Barack Obama's position has been constant, and it has been correct. We need to get out of Iraq as carefully and as quickly as we can.

Of course, all of us are glad we don`t have as many deaths in Iraq right now. Of course, all of us congratulate the hard work of our soldiers and our military leaders in what they have done there. That`s not the point. The point is, is your mind-set to stay forever, or is your mind-set to get out as quickly as you can? That`s the choice the American people have.

GLICK: You know, Senator, how do you respond to those who say, not only may it be a political stunt — there are some who say that, of course — but there are some who say that the press is treating him like he`s already the presumptive nominee — or presumptive president, for that matter — in terms of the coverage that's being wrapped around this trip. How do you respond to that?

MCCASKILL: You know, I remember distinctly the media coverage of John McCain walking around the market in Iraq when he went with Lindsey Graham when he was running for president.

And I'm sure many people running against him at that time were grumbling "photo-op, photo-op, photo-op." You know, you're kind of darned if you do and darned if you don`t. I mean, he goes to Iraq, he gets criticized. He doesn`t go to Iraq, he gets criticized.


MCCASKILL: At least he`ll be used to it when he becomes president. He will be used to this constant criticism no matter what you do.

GLICK: Yes, well, you know, no matter what you do, you're scrutinized today.

All right, Senator McCaskill, thanks so much for joining us today. I appreciate it.

MCCASKILL: Thank you for having me.

GLICK: All right.

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