British Student Charged With Strangling Newborn During Vacation With Girlfriends

A British student has been accused of suffocating her newborn son while on vacation with her sister and girlfriends in Crete, The U.K.'s Daily Mail reported.

Leah Andrew, 20, allegedly gave birth to the boy--5lbs 8ounces--in a hotel room and then killed him afterward. His body was reportedly wrapped in a towl, according to The Mail.

Andrew was vacationing with her sister Lydia, 24, and a group of friends who were unaware of her pregnancy. According to The Mail, Andrew went out the night before, but later complained of stomach pains. Her friends later found her bleeding heavily in the hotel room, The Mail said.

Andrew reportedly told police the baby was stillborn and was wrapped in a towel because she believed he was cold. A Greek coroner disagreed however, arguing that the child had been born healthy but had been suffocated, The Mail reported.

According to The Mail, Andrew, who has two other children, may face up to 20 years if convicted.

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