Rare 'Blistering' Skin Disease Kills 24-Year-Old Michigan Woman

A 24-year-old Michigan woman has died from a rare disease that causes the skin to become fragile and blister, wzzm13.com reported.

Prior to her death Friday, Tabatha Nichols, of Hastings, Mich., was believed to be the oldest known person to be living with the severest form of epidermolysis bullosa, according to the report.

She was in a Lamont, Mich. nursing home at the time of her death.

Epidermolysis bullosa is a genetic disease characterized by fragile skin that can blister and sometimes fall off at the slightest touch. The disease varies in types from mild to severe.

In severe cases like Nichols, scars form after blister formation, causing deformities, such as fusion of the fingers and toes, wzzm13.com reported.

People who suffer from this disease may also develop blistering and scarring on the esophagus, which leads to eating and swallowing difficulties

The disease affects about 50 out of every 1 million live births worldwide.

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