A Diet That Will Cleanse Your Body ... And Take Off Inches!

With all the new diet fads that have hit the market in the past few years, one would think that shedding pounds would be a piece of cake … sugar-free, fat-free, low-carb, cake.

Whether the diet is South Beach, Atkins, or Zone, it seems that we are all still struggling to lose weight and get into shape. So what now? Lots of health buffs are jumping on the bandwagon for the newest craze — Isagenix.

Isagenix products are designed to cleanse our bodies AND help us take off an astonishing number of inches … and all it takes is a few shakes! Isagenix sounds like the answer to our problems, but does it really work?

To get the skinny, we spoke to Liz Harvey, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Isagenix.

Explain the Isagenix regimen and how the products work?
The Isagenix system is made up of several components that include nutritional supplements, low calorie meals, and cleansings. The nine-day and 30 day programs are the most popular. The regimen includes cleanse days which involve nutrient filled juices and non-cleanse days, which allows for two Isagenix shakes and a low calorie meal — with the option of replacing the shakes with special soups and bars.

Who should do a 9 day program and who should do a 30 day program?
Generally, it depends. The nine-day system is a great introduction to Isagenix and it is also convenient because it produces quick results. However, many people like the 30 day program because Isagenix is intended to help achieve a certain lifestyle, and the 30 day regimens are important for this.

How can we purchase Isagenix products? How much will it cost us?
You can purchase Isagenix products in several ways. One way is to become a Preferred Customer or Associate and pay an annual membership fee to receive the products wholesale. Another way to buy the products is through independent associates at a retail price. Prices range from $174 for a nine-day system and up to $374 for a 30-day System, but prices are discounted for Preferred Customers and Associates.

Why is Isagenix a unique product?
Because it is not just for weight loss, it is for optimal health. People have dropped over 100lbs by using Isagenix, but they also achieved a lifestyle approach to better health.

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