Massachusetts Librarian Faces Deportation Over Illegal Immigration Accusations

Marzavi Angel Martinez is a 23-year-old Massachusetts librarian who came to this country from Mexico when she was 3 years old and now is married to her high school sweetheart.

There's just one problem: She's also an illegal immigrant, according to federal authorities, who arrested her this week at her job and are pushing to deport her.

Martinez was using a dead person's social security number and was paying taxes on her vehicles, reported.

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent received information from the county sheriff's office regarding the librarian's status during an investigation of the Alamance County Health Department in North Carolina.

"It's something the county is not going to turn their head to when there's a violation of the law," Alamance County Sheriff spokesman Randy Jones told

Martinez's husband, Marcos Miranda, said the pair went to Cummings High School together, married two years ago and have a 15-month-old son, according to He said his wife has no memory of her native country, nor any immediate family there.

The ICE said agents are simply doing their jobs by enforcing immigration laws.

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