McCanns' Status as Suspects in Daughter's Disappearance to Be Officially Lifted

Kate and Gerry McCann’s torment as suspects in their daughter’s disappearance will end on Monday — but with the fresh hell of Portuguese cops scrapping the search for little Madeleine.

The couple will be officially told there is nothing to implicate them, The Sun can reveal.

Their status as “arguidos” — or suspects — will formally be lifted. But 14 months after Maddie vanished on holiday their greater nightmare will go on.

Police will reveal they still have no idea what happened to the young girl. And after a fruitless probe costing millions the case will effectively be closed.

The shocking move emerged a day after Portugal’s attorney general Fernando Pinto Monteiro vowed: “The Maddie case will have a solution on Monday.”

Sources close to the police inquiry revealed to The Sun the “solution” is to give up on the investigation.

Lawyers for the McCanns — named suspects ten months ago and dogged by wild official leaks alleging DNA evidence linked them — will be given access to the case files.

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