Search Warrant Executed for North Carolina Mom's House, Vehicles

Detectives on Wednesday searched the house and vehicles belonging to a slain North Carolina mother and her husband.

Six bags of evidence were taken from the home on Wednesday afternoon.

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Authorities launched a murder investigation a day earlier, after the body of 34-year-old Nancy Cooper was found in a Wake County, N.C. cul-de-sac, near where her husband said she'd gone jogging.

The search warrant includes the house that Nancy and Brad Cooper shared, their two vehicles and forensic evidence from Brad Cooper himself.

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Cary, N.C., Police Chief Patricia Bazemore told reporters Wednesday morning that Brad Cooper, also 34, was cooperating with the investigation and detectives had no suspects.

Nancy Cooper's parents Garry and Donna Rentz traveled from Canada over the weekend to assist in the search for the missing jogger, as did Cooper's twin sister Khrista Lister, her brother Jeff Rentz and her brother-in-law Jim Lister. Both Cooper and her husband are originally from Canada.

Though the family attended Wednesday's press conference, Bazemore said they are not ready to speak to the media.

Brad Cooper, who is staying with friends and taking care of the couple's two daughters, Bella, 4, and Katie, 1 1/2, did not attend the conference, and Bazemore said that "he's been given an open invitation, as the rest of the family has. I do not know why he's not here."

Later Wednesday, Cooper released a statement through his attorneys indicating that he's "devastated" by his wife's death.

"He has and will continue to assist in law enforcement efforts to bring his wife's killer or killers to justice," the statement read. "We ask that anyone with information about Nancy's death please convey what you know to the appropriate authorities immediately. We also ask everyone to respect his family's privacy during this difficult time."

Bazemore said police "still believe this is an isolated case" and urged area residents not to worry. Authorities have not released the cause of death.

The mother of two small girls went for a routine run early Saturday morning but did not come home to meet friends as planned, her husband said.

Bazemore said Tuesday that medical examiners confirmed the identity of the body found the previous evening by a man walking his dog miles from Cooper’s home.

"The search for our Nancy is over," Bazemore said Tuesday. "Nancy was murdered and our investigation is now a homicide."

Before Wednesday's search warrant, Brad Cooper permitted authorities to do preliminary searches of the house and vehicles.

"He was devastated," Bazemore said of his reaction to his wife's death. "He has cooperated with us today and we are still working with him."

Brad Cooper told detectives that his wife went jogging around 7 a.m. Saturday but did not return by 9 a.m. as planned. The couple reportedly were having marital problems, but friends told FOX News they did not think Brad Cooper had anything to do with her death.

A friend of Nancy Cooper reported her missing at 2:15 p.m. Saturday when she didn't show up for a get-together. Police said Monday they did not know why her husband wasn't the one to alert authorities that his wife had disappeared.

Bazemore declined to comment on whether or not Cooper’s body had suffered defensive wounds and would not confirm or deny reports that Brad Cooper had purchased bleach at a local convenience store just hours before his wife’s body was found.

"We do not have a suspect now," Bazemore said. "We will not stop until we find them."

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