Report: British Airliner Forced to Divert After Irate Passenger Tries to Open Door Mid-Flight

Passengers on a flight from London to Cuba got an in-the-air scare Wednesday night after an allegedly drunk passenger tried to open the plane’s door — at 50,000 feet, London’s Daily Mail newspaper reported.

The First Choice Boeing 767-300, with more than 250 passengers on board, was forced to divert to Bermuda after the passenger, who one witness described to the paper as “clearly drunk,” lunged for the door while other passengers and crewmembers tried to calm him down.

After the jet landed in Bermuda, police boarded the plane and took the man, who was not identified, into custody, the Mail reported.

A First Choice spokeswoman told the paper that the passenger’s behavior led to the diversion of the plane and he was unloaded in Bermuda “in the interests of passenger safety.”

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