Report: Baby Survives After Four-Story Fall From New York Apartment Window

A 1-year-old girl fell four stories from her Queens, N.Y., apartment last night — and miraculously survived when she bounced off two balls left in a backyard stairwell.

Cindy Riveros tumbled at 6:03 p.m. from the third-story bedroom window of 134-36 57th St. in Flushing.

There were no guards on the window, police said.

A neighbor told The Post the child fell one story below ground level, onto a landing in the back yard that leads to the basement - and where a couple of big, soft rubber balls had been left.

The balls appeared to have broken or cushioned little Cindy's fall, the neighbor said.

"[The fall] made a big noise, and I saw a lot of blood in the back," said Fernando Cabarcos, 42. "Everybody was crying."

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