Pharmacy Error Blamed for Teen's Coma

Jessie Scott was prescribed oxycodone hydrochloride to help him sleep and relieve his pain from strep throat.

And he took the prescribed dose – one teaspoon every four hours – as written on the prescription bottle, which was filled at a Wal-Mart pharmacy.

But, the 18-year-old from Draper, Utah, has been in a coma since April 30, because the pharmacy allegedly failed to dilute the liquid medicine, meaning the dosage Scott ended up taking was actually 20 times more potent than what the doctor ordered, KSL-TV reported Monday.

Scott’s organs started to fail soon after he fell into the coma, and he was put on a ventilator. He spent 16 days in the intensive care unit and then four days in intermediate care. He now resides in a rehabilitation center. Therapists are trying to stimulate his senses.

“This shouldn’t have happened,” Scott’s mother, Laurie, told KSL-TV. “It was needless. It was senseless and it’s changed our lives forever, not just Jessie, but there are other people who love him and his future.”

Wal-Mart said this about the alleged error: "This is a very sad situation. Our thoughts are with this young man and his family."

Doctors are unsure how much damage has been done to Scott’s brain.

“His brain is still very plastic, still very elastic and we’re hoping and praying that it can find ways around those areas to connect back up,” said Scott’s father, Wayne. “That’s our hope.”

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