Pennsylvania Man Kills Family Dog With 30-Inch Sword

A Delaware County man accused of killing the family dog with a 30-inch-long sword is being held on animal cruelty charges.

Forty-six-year-old James Jones was sent to county prison in lieu of $25,000 bail following a preliminary arraignment Monday.

Pamela Jones says her husband had been verbally abusive to her, and had threatened to kill the 3-year-old American bulldog mix named Baby for several weeks. She says he accidentally bumped the dog Sunday evening and the dog growled. She says, "Next thing, he grabbed a sword and stabbed her."

Officers confiscated 10 swords and 20 daggers from the Jones' house. James Jones is tentatively scheduled for a preliminary hearing July 21.

Pamela Jones has obtained a protection from abuse order against her husband, and says she plans to serve divorce papers when she goes to testify against him in court.