Car-respondence - Porsche Boxster RS60 Spyder

Fast Flashback

Back in another life – when I was MUCH younger and more Stupid – I owned an old [Porsche] Roadster while stationed in Germany in the mid 1960’s. I drove the hell out of it for almost a year until I had an argument with a large German truck and lost. But while I had it – I was a King! It was fun to drive and had more power than I ever had the nerve to try out – even on the autobahns. This one [the RS60]looks like it will own the roads and for those who can drive one – they’ll feel like they’re in a jet aircraft with an afterburner on full Military power when they kick it on! I envy them and Thank You for putting back on the roads a real classic car that will be the envy of all who ever drove one and those who’d like to! It’s GREAT!!!

Stephen McElroy

Thanks for the Memories

Calling all car manufacturers........Please stand by for this importantannouncement.......When it comes to sports cars/muscle cars Americanpeople are nostalgic. Shocker! Every manufacturer of sports cars shouldtake a page out of the Porsche book.

A perfect example of how to fail is GM. Pontiac had a huge opportunityto sell their classic GTO but reengineered it to the point that it lookednothing like its admired predecessor. This resulted in below expectationsales.

Josh Staley