Anti-Democrat Billboards Go Too Far?

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HEATHER NAUERT, HOST: With those elections right around the corner, political billboards seem to be popping up across the country. Take a look at this sign in Mandeville, Louisiana. It says, "A taxpayer voting for Barack Obama is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders." And then there is this one plastered on three billboards in Orlando, Florida, "Please don't vote for a Democrat," and it goes along with an image of the burning Twin Towers from, of course, the September 11 attacks. Critics are calling for those signs to come down.

Joining me right now is the man behind those Florida signs, businessman Mike Meehan. Mike, what are these signs all about, and how much do you have to spend to get those three billboards up?

MIKE MEEHAN, CREATED CONTROVERSIAL BILLBOARD: Well, I'd like to keep the money confidential — I'd like not to disclose that. But I'm just basically exercising my freedom of speech, the First Amendment. And though some people find this offensive, Heather, I find it very offensive that we have not remembered these people that have died in this tragedy, and that we have...

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NAUERT: Well, what do you mean? Of course, we've done lots to remember all those victims of 9/11.

MEEHAN: Well, yes, but we're not reminded of the terrorism that caused all this.

NAUERT: Even though we have thousands and thousands of troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan?

MEEHAN: Yes, but terrorism is a lot wider than just Iraq and Afghanistan. You know, the war on terror is a lot more versatile than that, and the trade towers are just a sample and reminder of people — what we are actually going through. And I honestly think that the terrorists are actually in cahoots and involved also in the hijack — the high prices of the oil.

NAUERT: OK. Now, some folks there in Florida are saying, you know, they're really offended. They're saying you are using this sign for political gain, really using an American tragedy that we all shared. What do you say to them?

MEEHAN: Well, I realize that, but as much as they are offended, Heather, I'm trying to remind people that this is something that we should be remembering. We should be reminded of these terrorists, and we need to go after them. We need to fight harder on it, you know. And -

NAUERT: But why a picture of the Twin Towers? Why not something else?

MEEHAN: Because, you know, that's the best picture you can get, and that's the most devastating attack that we've had on our country.


MEEHAN: And I figured that is the best way to get the point across.

NAUERT: OK. Mike Meehan, you are a businessman and call yourself a concerned citizen.

MEEHAN: Thank you so much.

NAUERT: We appreciate you joining us. Three billboards in the Orlando, Florida area.

MEEHAN: Don't forget to log on to my Web site

NAUERT: Got it. OK. Thanks a lot there, Mike.

MEEHAN: Thank you very much. Thank you.

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