Sons of 'Back From Dead' Canoeist 'Betrayed' by Mother

The sons of "back from the dead" canoeist John Darwin told a U.K. court Tuesday that they feel "betrayed" by their mother.

Mark Darwin, 32, told the court that his "world was crushed" when he was told his father was missing and presumed dead in 2002.

He went on to tell the court of his anger at his mother when he saw a photo of his parents with an estate agent in Panama taken in 2004, which he saw on the Internet.

"I couldn't believe the fact she knew he was alive all this time and I had been lied to for God knows how long," he said.

Anne Darwin, 56, dabbed her eyes and blew her nose as Mark gave evidence against her.

Her other son Anthony, 29, also told the court that when he saw the photo of his parents he felt "betrayed."

When he first saw the image, he told the court he thought it had been doctored.

It was only the next day when he read a newspaper article with his mother's admission that the image was real that he finally believed it.

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