Report: Wife of Rolling Stone Ron Wood Leaves Him Over Teen Affair

Jo Wood, wife of Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood, has announced she is leaving the rocker over allegations he ran off with an 18-year-old cocktail waitress, the New York Daily News reports.

Wood, 61, has reportedly been holed up in his Irish country house since last week with Ekaterina Ivanova, whom he met after the premiere of "Shine a Light," the Martin Scorsese-directed documentary about the Rolling Stones.

According to sources, the pair has been spotted at local pubs near County Kildare, Ireland and Wood has reportedly done a nude painting of the young cocktail waitress, though he has not named her as the model. The painting, labeled Photography Nude II, is now hanging in a Dublin gallery and priced at $16,000.

Last week Jo, Wood's wife of 23 years, told reporters that the two were on a painting trip and they were not "boyfriend and girlfriend — in that way." But over the weekend, the model and founder of Jo Wood Organics has reportedly announced she is leaving the guitarist, rumored to be worth $140 million.

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