A Boston firefighter reportedly suffering from career-ending injury was caught on a home video participating in a bodybuilding contest, according to MyFOXBoston.com.

The firefighter, Albert Arroyo, placed eighth in the May 3 competition — two months after falling on the job and severely injuring his back, the TV station reported. Arroyo had presented the city with a doctor's note saying he should be given accidental disability retirement because he is totally and permanently disabled.

"It is common sense when you look at Mr. Arroyo that he is in better shape than most of the guys in the Boston Fire Department," Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser told the station. "To say that he can't physically be an inspector in my opinion is ludicrous."

Arroyo's lawyer said a physical therapist suggested bodybuilding as a way to strengthen his back and help his mental state.

The 46-year-old is no longer on disability, but until further action by the fire department, he continues to collect his full pay and still is out on sick leave, according to MyFOXBoston.com.

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