Texas Pizza Robbery Thwarted by Fast Thinking Clerk, Bystanders

Pie-in-the-sky plans to rob a Texas pizza shop reportedly came crashing to earth after a clerk decided to fight back.

According to MyFoxDallas.com, Denton police said Benjamin Ramirez, 41, walked into the Pizza Patron wearing a wig and dark sunglasses and appeared to be holding a silver handgun. Surveillance video shows how he demanded money and slapped one worker in the face.

The clerk, 17-year-old Rudy Sandoval, didn't take too kindly to that. He told MyFoxDallas.com he decided to fight back, which ended with him punching the robber out.

The video follows the action, including the devastating blow which left Ramirez unconscious for several minutes.

That's where the video cuts out, but not where the action ends.

Surprisingly, Ramirez reportedly gets back up and runs from the restaurant, according to the report.

But an alert bystander noticed what was happening and started chasing the suspect. Unable to catch the would-be thief himself, he convinced two other witnesses, who were in a car, to follow the fleeing robber, according to the report. They were then able to give police a location, which led to a speedy arrest.

"Four different citizens helped out in this situation," said Officer Jim Bryan of the Denton Police Department. "We were able to get him into custody in about fifteen minutes," according to MyFoxDallas.com.

Click here to view surveillance video of the attack.

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