Jon Voight 'Deeply Happy' About Angelina's Twins

Jon Voight is thrilled with daughter Angelina Jolie's recent delivery of twins, he told "The Insider."

"I am deeply happy. I'm over the moon, Pat. It's magnificent," Voight said in a statement to the show's host Pat O'Brien.

"In this world, all we can hope for is that mommy and the kids are healthy. I'm very excited and thanks for letting me send my love to them."

The Oscar-winning actor, who has experienced a rocky relationship with his daughter, also told O'Brien he would love to see the twins.

"If I were called today, I'd be there," he said.

Voight won an Academy Award for best actor for the 1978 film "Coming Home," and has been featured in big-screen hits like "Mission: Impossible" and the "National Treasure" movies. He is currently shooting episodes of the hit series "24."

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