Muslim Woman's Black Veil 'Incompatible' With French Immigration

A Moroccan woman was denied citizenship in France because her head-to-toe Islamic veil, which shows only her eyes, was "incompatible" with French gender equality, Reuters reported.

According to Reuters, the woman has three children with her French husband and has been living in the country for the last eight years. The 32-year-old woman wears a black burqa that shows only her eyes, and lives in "total submission," according to French social services.

She was first denied in her application for citizenship in 2005 for reasons of "insufficient assimilation." Her appeal to the Council of State, which has final authority over immigration disputes, was rejected in June.

"She has adopted a radical practice of her religion, incompatible with essential values of the French community, particularly the principle of equality of the sexes," the Council of State ruled, according to Reuters. This is reportedly the first time a Muslim has been denied because of religious practices.

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