Woman Dies After Ambulance Gets Lost Going to Hospital

A 21-year-old English woman died after the ambulance taking her to the hospital got lost due to a faulty navigation system, the Daily Mail reported.

The paramedic attending to Kay Gadsby had to climb into the front seat to help the driver find the hospital, while the terrified 21-year-old repeatedly asked her mother, "I'm not going to die, am I," according to the report.

Gadsby's father, who was initially following the ambulance in his car, arrived at the hospital ahead of the wayward ambulance.

An ambulance was called to Gadsby's home in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire after she collapsed. She has long suffered from organ failure and had a heart and kidney transplant 10 years ago. She had a second kidney transplant five years ago and was on a waiting list for a third kidney transplant.

The ambulance got lost on its way to the Diana Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby, about 30 miles from Gadsby’s house, because its navigation failed and the driver had only been to the hospital once before, Gadsby's parents told the Daily Mail.

"We have spoken to doctors and nobody can really say either way if Kay would have survived if they had not got lost," said Gadsby's father, Russell. "But the delay in getting her to hospital has made the situation worse."

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