Pamela Anderson 'Kidding' About Simpson Comments, but Won't Apologize

Pamela Anderson spoke out on Thursday about her controversial Jessica Simpson comments, telling the "Kyle and Jackie O Show" in Australia that she was "kidding."

Anderson caused a stir last week when she called Jessica Simpson a "b-tch" and a "whore" because she wore a T-shirt with the slogan "Real Girls Eat Meat."

Anderson, a vegetarian and spokeswoman for animal-rights group PETA, also said that Simpson was not referring to "actual cows and chickens, but was referring to, you know, men."

On Thursday, Anderson appeared again on the show where she made those comments, saying that she was "kidding" and she and the anchors were simply "having a fun conversation."

The former "Baywatch" star also said that she won't apologize to Simpson, as "I think people know my sense of humor too."

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