Florence Henderson: Christopher Knight Marriage a Hoax

Florence Henderson claims Christopher Knight's marriage to Adrianne Curry on the reality TV show "My Fair Brady" was a hoax.

Knight's former TV mother on "The Brady Bunch" said VH1 execs pressured Knight, who played Peter Brady, to marry Curry, winner of "America’s Next Top Model." She believes it was done to jazz things up on "The Surreal Life" and "My Fair Brady."

"They [VH1 producers] were trying to actually, I think, force him to get engaged," Henderson, 74, said in a meeting with TV critics.

Henderson also said she was reluctant to get involved in reality TV, but Knight persuaded her, so she appeared on "My Fair Brady" and advised the couple not to marry.

"So I went and counseled them," she said. "But they didn't take my advice at all."

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