Cynthia Rodriguez: I Still Love A-Rod, but Marriage Is Over

Cynthia Rodriguez still loves Alex Rodriguez but is done with the marriage, she told gossip columnist Cindy Adams in an interview published on Thursday.

Rodriguez, 35, also told Adams she is "not out to mutilate" A-Rod, 32, and denied reports of a recent revenge shopping spree in Paris.

"Not one word of those stories is true. I never before in all my married life together ever went away without my husband or family. Not once in 13 years.

"I did not spend one dollar shopping in Paris. I did not go to super-fancy expensive restaurants. I did not go to any spa. I didn't do one thing. I spent the most innocent four days with my children's godparents, who are as close to us as family," she said. "My husband and I were already into our problems and I didn't know where to go, what to do. I needed to think — to clear my head."

Earlier this week, a former Boston stripper said she slept with the Yankee third baseman twice in 2004.

In divorce papers filed Monday in Miami-Dade County Family Court, Cynthia accused A-Rod of "extramarital affairs" and called their six-year marriage "irretrievably broken."

Cynthia did not name names in her six-page petition. Her lead lawyer, Earle Lilly, denied speculation that Rodriguez had a sexual relationship with Madonna, 49, calling it "an affair of the heart."

It wasn't "sexual infidelity," Lilly told

Cynthia and A-Rod have been married for more than five years. She has asked for primary custody of their two children — Nathasha Alexander, 3, and 2-month-old Ella Alexander — as well as child support and alimony.

Rodriguez is in the first season of a $275 million, 10-year contract with the Yankees, a deal that allows him to earn up to $305 million. He made $185.45 million from 2001-7 from his contract with the Texas Rangers and Yankees.

Madonna denies having an affair with Rodriguez, and insists her own marriage to British director Guy Ritchie is not on the verge of ending, despite reports they both have consulted divorce lawyers.

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