'Naughty Bodies' Male Dancer Sues Company Saying He Lost Work After Sex-Harassment Complaints

A 54-year-old male dancer is seeking damages from a company he says stopped giving him work after he complained of being sexually harassed by customers.

David Mann sued Naughty Bodies in May and after a hearing Tuesday, Hamilton County Municipal Judge Bernie Bouchard refused to dismiss the case.

Mann said he started working for the company as a dancer/performer in late December. He said twice, when sent to private homes on dancing assignments, male customers asked him to have sex.

He said he refused, and reported the incidents to the company and asked for advice on what to do in those situations. He said the company never called back, and stopped giving him assignments.

Mann said the company handbook notes that "no one is required to nor expected to have any type of sexual encounters with our customers ... nor will it be tolerated."

But he claims the company is blackballing him because he doesn't want to have sexual contact with clients. He wants $9,000 in damages plus attorney fees.

Bouchard denied a request by Naughty Bodies to dismiss the suit. It said Mann wasn't an employee of the company because the entertainers it hires are independent contractors.

The judge set the case for a Sept. 25 trial.