Husband of Rescued Hostage Betancourt: Marriage May Be Over

The husband of rescued Colombian hostage Ingrid Betancourt said their marriage may be over.

In an interview published Wednesday in the Bogota newspaper El Tiempo, Juan Carlos Lecompte acknowledged what many noted when the two reunited in front of TV cameras after last week's rescue: Betancourt greeted him coldly.

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She then went to France without him, accompanied by her two children from a previous marriage.

In the story, Lecompte says Betancourt's love for him "could have disappeared" during her six years as a rebel hostage.

He dismissed as gossip published rumors of an affair while Betancourt was captive. Lecompte had worked hard for Betancourt's release.

The two were married in 1997.

Meanwhile, Betancourt said she has been in a "bubble of happiness" since being rescued from more than six years of captivity in the Colombian jungle.

She said her return to civilization has been emotional and little things, such as the scent of perfumes or the sensation of hot water, can provoke emotional reactions. But she said she is "stable" mentally.

Betancourt told The Associated Press in an interview Wednesday that the most difficult part of being held by leftist rebels was not physical pain but fear the ordeal would forever change her personality.

The Colombian army rescued Betancourt and 14 other hostages last week.