Court Awards $14,000 to Woman for Broken Ankle After Stiletto Heel Broke

A British woman who broke her ankle and needed surgery because her stiletto heel snapped off has received a $14,400 cash award from a British court because of her pain and suffering.

A Manchester court Tuesday ordered the Dolcis store to pay Sophie King, whose ankle still swells painfully three years after her operation.

She told the court that she was wearing the black strappy shoes for the first time for a night on the town with her friends when the heel snapped off, sending her sprawling onto the pavement.

She was able to carry on, but collapsed later that night and had to be hospitalized.

Her lawyer, Michael Hardacre, said the court ruling was only needed to establish the size of the financial award.

"Sophie's OK," he said. "She's young, she doesn't want this to hold her back. But it does swell after intense activity." He said her ability to ski and play tennis has been impaired.

He urged other women to keep their sales receipts so they can make similar claims if their heels break off.

"This type of thing is commonplace," he said. "But the unusual thing was the consequences — Sophie breaking her ankle."