Car-respondence - Ford Flex

One Word


James Keeper

Two Words

About Perfect.

Robert Lucius

Carried by Six or V6?

It looks like a hearse. Since all the seats on the passenger side fold down flat, it could be used as such. Certainly all that length could accommodate a coffin. Hearse or not, I wouldn't be caught dead in it.

Melania Covey

Torture Chamber

I like most of what I’m seeing on the new Ford Flex except the gas mileage. Are they nuts?? They work so hard on the other parts and yet seem to have little concern for the tank. Driving this thing, I bet you can literally hear the screams from President Jackson as he’s being ripped from your wallet. Nice try Ford but not nice enough. I was almost sold.

Alan Read

Box Appeal

Congrats to Ford for having the gumption to build a head-turner! Many crossovers share a bland styling (see Honda Pilot), just as most cars today look like a jellybean and are about as exciting as an appliance. The Flex should appeal to those who like a heavy dose of style with their cars. The Chrysler 300 proved there is a large market for such a unique, bold shape. I can't wait to drive the Flex.

David Vutera

Market Mover

SUV replaced by SUX. If it doesn't get at least 30 mpg, it WON'T sell. Short Ford.

Peter Wood

Not Flexible Enough

Nice…but where’s the hybrid or FLEX-fuel feature? We need energy independence, not vehicles still getting only 17mpg…back to the drawing board, I say!

Linda Rodriguez