New York's men and women in blue are going green.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Monday unveiled the first of 20 hybrid SUVs to be used in a pilot project by the Police and Fire departments as part of a broader effort to cut gas consumption citywide.

The hybrid version of the GMC Yukon 1500 gets 20 mpg, about 25 percent better than the all-gasoline model.

Also being tested for the NYPD fleet are:

— Four all-electric Vectrix scooters capable of going up to 55 miles on a single charge.

— A three-wheeled transporter that can reach speeds up to 25 mph and run three to four hours between charges. Each can carry a single standing cop, much like a two-wheeled Segway.

"Every little bit counts," said Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler. "These cars will be [traveling] 25,000 miles on the road each year. That will save $3,000 in gas costs when gas is $4.50."

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