More Than 200 Victims of Zimbabwe's Political Violence Seek Refuge at U.S. Embassy

More than 200 victims of Zimbabwe's political violence sought sanctuary at the U.S. Embassy in Harare after being displaced from their homes. Breast-feeding mothers and toddlers were among the crowd huddled on the street outside the heavily fortified building, watched over by embassy guards and Zimbabwean intelligence officials.

Several were injured, including one man who came on crutches, begging to see American officials. “I need to go out of this country, I don't feel safe,” one young man who worked as a polling agent for the opposition Movement for Democratic Change said.

A woman said that she and her baby daughter had been left homeless when ruling party militiamen set light to her rural home. She had not seen her husband since. “I need food and shelter,” she said. “That is my appeal to anyone who can help. I came here with fellow victims who were staying at the MDC headquarters. We are hoping the embassy can give us some help.”

A spokesperson said that the embassy was working with international organisations to find the people safe places to stay.

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