Lapdog Gnaws Off Sleeping Owner's Toe

A disabled Alton woman is mourning her beloved miniature dachshund, "Roscoe," even though the 1-year-old dog is believed to have gnawed off her right big toe while she was asleep.

Linda Floyd, 56, who has no feeling in her toes because of nerve damage from severe diabetes, discovered the toe was missing after awaking from a nap Monday afternoon. She called one of daughters, who then called 911.

While she was being treated at Saint Anthony's Health Center, Floyd decided to have "Roscoe" euthanized for the safety of others.

Nonetheless, she told The (Alton) Telegraph on Wednesday that she still loved and missed the little dog.

A veterinarian said the toe had been bandaged because of a healing hangnail and that may have somehow attracted the dog.