Former Soldier Killed After Asking Thugs to Stop Swearing on Bus

A former British soldier lost the battle for his life Wednesday after he was pushed off a bus for telling thugs not to swear in front of a lady, the Daily Mail reported.

Stan Dixon, 60, was traveling on the bus with his girlfriend Saturday when he heard a group of youths using foul language. After being asked to quiet down, the group shouted insults back at Dixon and the woman. Looking to avoid a violent confrontation, Dixon and his girlfriend decided to get off at an earlier stop, but Dixon was pushed from behind and hit his head as he fell out of the bus, the paper reported.

He was put on life support, but eventually succumbed to his injuries Wednesday night.

A 23-year-old man was later arrested and charged with Dixon's murder.

Dixon, a father of three, was remembered by friends as a polite man with "traditional values."

Gangs of hooligans are believed responsible for a series of attacks in the U.K. in recent months, according to the Daily Mail.

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