Coming Up on 'FOX News Sunday': Special All-Star Panel Edition

Our All-Star Power Panel this week:

• Fred Barnes, The Weekly Standard
• Mara Liasson, National Public Radio
• Bill Kristol, The Weekly Standard
• Juan Williams, National Public Radio

The economy loses more jobs, a possible confrontation with Iran, the Iraq benchmark report and a resurgence of violence in Afghanistan drove this week's news. Out on the campaign trail, Senator Obama defended his patriotism and offered up a call to service. Senator McCain spent his week talking about trade while traveling to Colombia and Mexico. And a reshuffling of the McCain campaign staff — will this move be seen as a “shakeup” or a “gear up” for the general election?

We’ll discuss all of this and much more with our All-Star panel on this week’s "FOX News Sunday," hosted by Brit Hume, Washington managing editor of FOX News.

So check your local listings and we’ll see you on the next "FOX News Sunday."