Car-respondence - MINI Cooper S Clubman

Close Relations

Wow. What a scathing report on a great vehicle. My wife and I bought a Clubman two weeks ago and have nothing bad to say about it. Great power, great fuel mileage and very user friendly. My wife is 5'9, I'm 6'2, my kids are both over 5 feet tall and we packed enough for the drive from Los Angeles to Bozeman, Montana and stayed for two weeks, and yes the dog came along. We love the car and are very pleased to own it…Sounds like some people out there need to learn how to pack better.

MAJ Darin Gaub

FCR: You wouldn’t happen to be nudists, would you?

Exclusionary Clubman

The recent report on the new MINI Clubman did not sit well with me. Anyone out there that usually carts around several kids (especially those with strollers or car seats) or multiple large dogs, or just insists on having their entire life with them in their car at any given time, would most likely not look at the MINI Cooper and say "Now that's the car for me."

Yes, you can get a car with more room and better gas mileage for less money. You can also pay a lot more and get a lot less. I think people who buy MINIs don't shop. At some point, a light turns on in their heads that says "Buy a MINI". An article like that means nothing. To a car shopper looking for a generic compact car, it would probably discourage them. We don't need soccer moms driving MINIs anyway."

Amanda Zimmerman