Woman Says She Is Powerless to Fight Fake 'Prostitute' Facebook Profile

A British woman who was listed as a prostitute on a fake Facebook profile that stole her identity says her life has been ruined, The Daily Mail reported.

Kerry Harvey, 23, told The Mail that she received obscene pictures on her cell phone and prank calls from hackers who forged a profile on the social networking site Facebook featuring Harvey’s correct date of birth, middle name and cell phone number. Her occupation, however, listed on the fake profile as “prostitute,” was not correct.

Harvey is actually an advertising sales executive from Abbeydale, and says she is fighting for tougher rules to stop cyber bullies from anonymously cloning Web users’ identities, The Daily Mail reported.

“It was really distressing and I found it so offensive it really upset me,” Harvey told The Mail. “These sites are too open to abuse and should be closed down or made safer. Since it happened I've become really self conscious. I can't just go up to people and talk to them because my confidence has gone.”

The Facebook page was up for a week before it was deleted by the person who created it. Facebook told Harvey they could not track down the culprit after the page was gone.

Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant at Sophos, an anti-virus software company, is an expert in identity fraud.

“The biggest problem is that anyone at any time can set up a false profile without the other users knowledge and post anything they like,” Cluley told The Mail. “It's an anonymous way of posting things about people without detection. Millions of people use Facebook, which is always going to leave users susceptible to this sort of thing.”

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